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Why Elysium? The word Elysium originates from Greek mythology meaning “A Place or Condition of Ideal Happiness”. That’s what we have created. A place that you can develop every element of yourself to become truly happy.

The ethos of Elysium Gym is simple. To introduce Edinburgh to a new and improved training facility model.  Not only will this new model deliver the optimal physical training environment but will provide you with a community you will feel proud to be part of.

Health and Fitness: Conventionally, a gym is where people focus on getting fitter and changing the look of their body however a missing element is what really makes people healthy. Elysium Gym will change the way people think about their health and fitness from the inside out.


Elysium is all about TRAINING. It is therefore of the highest priority that the facility is set up so that all our members can perform their desired training methods to produce results. The gym will boast a range of different training sections including:

An Elite 6 Bay training rig designed to allow a group of trainees to train at the same time with optimal efficiency. This will be the heart of our bespoke Elysium classes.

A section dedicated to the training of the posterior chain. This amazing concept will boast group training classes by one of our elite coaching team.

A dedicated section just for powerlifting with the finest equipment available to our industry to allow you to be your absolute best. All this, with the most unique place to do it – The Cage.

A dedicated area for mobility and soft tissue manipulation to ensure that you not only look your best but move the way you are meant to, pain free and ready to train hard.

The finest strength equipment will be located throughout the facility in order for you to have a wide variety of options for you to complete your exciting training sessions.

A plethora of functional gym kit throughout the facility to allow you to move and perform optimally, and have lots of fun doing it. Think Prowlers, Tyres, Sledge Hammers, Ropes, Gymnastic Rings, Slam Balls, Plyometric Boxes and much more.


Being a member of Elysium means more than paying money to be a number on a database. Being a member of Elysium gives you the right to be part of our amazing community of members dedicated to achieving and succeeding in life.

We offer more than a just a gym. We are a strong community that are engaged, educated, driven and passionate. You can be too.

We offer a range of different memberships from comprehensive Pay Monthly giving you access to each and every element of Elysium to individual pay as you go classes or gym sessions.

So no matter what your aims and objectives you will be able to find one of our flexible memberships to suit your needs.


Knowledge truly is the key to attaining a desired result. Elysium Gym will educate you in every aspect of health, fitness and performance to ensure you not only get the results you are looking for but understand how things work so that you can continue to progress. In order to deliver this promise, we have designed our amazing classes aimed at delivering this knowledge but in a practical environment.


The classes on offer at Elysium really do break the fitness industry mould. Not your average fitness class by any means. A new and better way to train as part of a group. The expert led classes will allow you to train in a way that will completely change your gym experience.

Dedicated to providing the most effective metabolic conditioning classes possible. Whether your aim is Fat Loss, Strength, Size, Fitness, this class is for you. With the finest educators Edinburgh has to offer you will be taken care of from start to finish whatever your ability may be.

A Female specific class designed to build a booty to be proud of. You will never find a class like this in Edinburgh – We promise you’ll love it. With one of our amazing experts guiding you through the session in Edinburgh’s only unique dedicated.

A specialist weight training club where you can learn how to become competent and start to really excel in every aspect of your training journey.

A specific class for trainees looking to get as strong as physically possible – The Elysium CAGE is the perfect place to deliver this session.

is a class designed to help your body be pain free and ready to hit it hard in the gym.

A specific class designed to deliver the knowledge on how to truly improve your Health from the inside out.

A premium club aimed at achieving maximal Hypertrophy (building Muscle). Be prepared, this club will test your limits of body and mind. Only the tough survive.

There will be a selection of Edinburgh’s best male and female personal trainers to choose from to assist your personal health and fitness aims.


All the amazing activities on offer at Elysium need the perfect environment to be performed in. It is therefore of the utmost importance that the environment is just perfect. We ensure this by ensuring the following things:

With the equipment made to order we ensure that you will love our kit and the layout of the gym designed to allow you to get into your own zone and dominate your sessions.

Only the best coaches Edinburgh has to offer will operate in the facility meaning that whoever you work with will deliver a solid and motivational service. Not a glum face in sight. We are here to help you be your best.

All our members are on the same mission – self-improvement. No matter what your goals may be, everyone is on the same path and we recognise this by ensuring members understand the community that they enter allowing you to feel at home each and every session at Elysium.

We have our own DJ booth. Yes, a DJ booth. With selected times throughout the week a resident DJ will deliver a fresh and vibrant mix of music to help push you through your workouts. We don’t think you’ll need headphones here, because you’ll love our sound.

In addition to having a DJ booth, there will be selected hours through the week where we will play a select theme of music meaning you can show und train to some of your favourite tunes whether it be Rap, Hip Hop, Trance, House, Chart and more.

Our very own Library rammed full of knowledge material from training, diet, mind-set, health, psychology and much more. All you have to do is sign it out, read it and return it for someone else to benefit from it.


We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us using the links below or call Dean Robertson on 0758 412 3213